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Eagle Transportation

Your wine is more than a "product". It’s a creation. It represents countless hours spent shaping land, climate, and fruit to produce something that you hope speaks to people. And when it ultimately leaves your vineyard, it deserves to be cared for by a team that will care for it as you did.

Since 1977, vineyard owners from throughout Northern and Central California have trusted Eagle Transportation to care for their wines. 


We’ve worked hard to earn this trust, and will always continue to do so. It's why we maintain a fleet of equipment that adheres to the highest possible maintenance and sanitation standards. It's why we demand the highest levels of professionalism and service from our drivers and staff. And it's why we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Lastly, we're committed to keeping Northern California's wine regions producing for generations to come. Our entire fleet is 100% emissions compliant, which is essential to protecting this invaluable resource.


  • Specialized Mac all aluminum 48’drop deck Barrel Trailer With an added barrel rack system to support and stabilize your barrels During transit – 74 full barrels on rack capacity

  • 48’ Drop Deck hydraulic tail Equipment Trailer for transport of Vineyard Equipment/Winery Equipment.


  • Stainless Steel

  • Specially Vented

  • Compartmentalized to Handle Up to 5 Varietals Simultaneously.

  • Tank Listing


  • Vartiey of equipment to handle glass, barrel, and finished goods.

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